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June Forecast- Taking the Heat in the Kitchen

The air conditioners may have rattled their first rattle of 2012 by now. The production levels are high and we are starting to see returns. Headwinds have almost turned to tailwinds and sailing could be the way to approach this … Continue reading

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“Was he a good dog?”

A classic for me very quickly. … when a dog is accidentally killed and Suzy asks, “Was he a good dog?” Sam flatly responds, “Who’s to say?”

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Tuesday is Monday

After a long weekend celebrating the freedom we have, I eased back into my spinning chair and fired up the short week burners. Short bursts are all that is needed. The unofficial kick off to Verano has begun and that … Continue reading

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We Built This City

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The Shake

Some go side to side. Some go up and down. Some rock. Some bounce. Some wiggle. Some stay steady. What did you think I meant? Okay, okay! One of my favorite shakes.

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Why does morning have to sound like gold mining? I guess it is the pain of finding gold.

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Stars and Stripes

We are entering another Memorial Day weekend. Grilled food, all kinds of shakes, flirting receiving action, encompassing patriotism and more. A carnival of spirits coming together to acknowledge and give tribute to all those who have died to leave this … Continue reading

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Make me Melt me Fill me full To run smooth Not to lose Separate drive Focus, fly In these tents Offset the sky Lead me on Take me out Pull about Make me sent Pencil dulling Rain stalling Drops remaining … Continue reading

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Closing Scenes

Flashing light drops fall down slow and fast in the cool air where seasons feel like they have been shifted forward. Winter moves longer into spring. Spring moves longer into summer. The days bring wildness to the organized life we … Continue reading

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Mid May – Stems and Shoots

We have moved a big tick towards the seasonal goal sailing right through the headwinds. Our overall return is up 133.33%. The major contributors are a hedge in Oklahoma tornado energy, Florida oil spill clean up and refinery improvements, along … Continue reading

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