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August Forecast- Getting Back To Business (kind of)

Business should be this fun. The umbrellas should be above your head a few times already, and I do not mean the ones to protect you from rain. Hopefully some sand found its way to your laundry basket and bags. … Continue reading

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Late Night PI Report

I want you to make the days move easy… ttp://

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I met a great woman who in 5 weeks has already become a great friend. Undeniable connection. This time around that chaptered circle led me to this. A surprise, and a reflection of someone like in spirit. I felt the … Continue reading

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It’s All Good Baby Baby

Spread love… Where do we go now with this? Having one true practice close to mastery, one I am learning fast, one I do for fun and one I do because I found completeness in it, I am inching upward. … Continue reading

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Winds and Tunnels

In the sway of the tall buildings and bridges, the unpredictable force challenges anticipation of the huffing and puffing. Tunnels take us under water and dirt creating anticipation of what tides and grows above it. I have rarely worked through … Continue reading

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Starting Monday Thoughts, Finishing Tuesday

Feeling rested and ready for a week the metro slows down the ride and takes it’s time to squeeze me out. I was once on time. Things changed. Heat now is now in love with humidity They are kissing each … Continue reading

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Playing Tricks

I found this in the archives and wanted to publish it. A little late and I do not remember the subject, but it looks like I had an incomplete thought. But, I find it interesting none the less! The night … Continue reading

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Market Thunder

Dear Market Thunder, You know I wonder From you never I get an answer… I test you. I feel you, And always come back With the same feedback Never get a straight view… You could be more tender Dear Market … Continue reading

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The PI team has entered categories for easier navigation through history. Enjoy your navigation!

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First Thing

Nothing usually happens first thing in the morning. Today was different.

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