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Sometimes the digits are too husky to fit in the fuse box. For this months feature I would like to talk about the Peligroso Index (PI). What a remarkable trading instrument.

To dive right in, three gentleman have chartered undiscovered territory throwing their very “vida” in and out of the fire, hoping for iron and even gold. Or, should I say dividend of one love. Excuse me.

No interview is possible unless I find their location, parachute out of the sky, talk to them while they are working and run along to keep up. The only communication I have is an interface of daily reporting and monthly forecasts. These guys cannot be nailed down and do not want to be. Freedom is, of course, one of the three measures of investment success (see under, BFPA has Launched!).

In response to seeing new patents that were created this month in my research, I came across the ‘Fuse Box.’ These guys are so ahead of their time they have found new measures and applications to something once thought of as simple.

Advanced Peligroso Engineer


For the average PI trader, there are only, maybe three, main power sources in the fuse box. To a trained Peligroso Engineer, it is something like the above. When you have mastered the Fuse Box training, it is like the below.

True Peligroso Engineer


From the pursuits of Neal Cassady, in silence, for himself, he has been working on the most complicated fuse boxes that ever existed. He has surprised everyone but himself with the overtime pursuits of making a solution to the most complicado of endeavors. Some say Mr. Cassady can have the most influence on the trading session and is most vital to the PI. But speculation and sources cannot get close enough to prove this true. The secret life out of the limelight Mr. Cassady lives stands for itself. In silence, Mr. Cassidy is the purest form of the index.

Mackinley Maddok has been the most verbal and chronologically accounted founding principal for the moving trends. There is more transparency about what you will get, which is helpful for those who need to know what is driving the returns. When quiet in action, Mr. Maddok explains strategies of what is working and what is not.

While new and old to the PI, the “Watch Maker” as he calls himself, is the third founding principal of the PI. While creating the foundation for the Peligroso Index and making the platform where the index can be quantified and traded, Mr. Maker created the timelessness of the index. More speculative and detail precise, Mr. Maker has put his two feet back in once he has seen the possibility become reality. And what a good reality. There was a moment where Mr. Maker might have resigned, only heard through hear say. With the nature of the index, those bad vibes were erased once he stepped back in. Without the Watch Maker, the continued success of the index could be questioned.

All three are all in and rolling with no moss. The trading life is good. My take on this ticker is also all in. I want to be rolling with them.

Gordon Pym

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  1. Watch Maker says:

    Love the fuse box and you’ll have all the energy you’ll ever need!

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