May- Bringing The Bouquet

Sources in the field have said leave the bathing suit stored for one more month. If we want those May flowers, then you will need to bring a bouquet. But, as temperature + sol = fluctuations in general vida outlook, there are major drivers this month that store potential growth when the time is right. These bundles of hope deliver the growth that comes from the fear bubble that did not pop. There were some weak points in index, but it looks like the growth of love and freedom rose once again.

Verano is a special time. But when the flowers are not blooming because of unpredictable weather, bring a bouquet. Increasing the beauty around you by 4% alone can increase the chances for that beauty stimulating love and can act as a catalyst to inspire a want for danger. So bring it.

Growth bundles are forming in two similar sectors. There is mucho love and GPP from a broker dealer’s individual vida trading. There was a new development of “fuse box” (see the post Fuse Box by Gordon Pym in the PI) that will revolutionize mastery of the PI. Control the circuits and electricity, then you have the an unprecedented GPP tool. The second bundle comes from another broker dealer vida where confidence is growing as he taking big moves day by day. The direction may not be clear, but it is ticking up. With these two leading forces, the PI is making upward movement.

The fear bubble did not pop. When I was not looking some of the overweight investments in this trend of high risk trading were shifted. An easing of the drag that was of concern with last months forecast diminished. There was mucho love complimenting the danger an elements of freedom came from a bust.

A layed out plan came which seemed to be promising and safe did not go as scheduled. Not a usual stock to look at for a PI trader, but we trust the research and field work done by our PI team. Once the bust surfaced, freedom opened up in this sector. We can all get bogged down in thinking we know where we are going, when we just do not have control. Understanding and acceptance of that caused a huge uptick in freedom. The PI team found out where to invest in the right commodities that possibly could change the world. But we do not know yet. The commodities already held are most likely going to do what they do.

For this month of May hold tight, bring something beautiful into your vida and use it as your background for your PI work. It will increase your GPP, and if it does not, increase your danger please!

Peligroso Index® relies on free market principles and transparent transmission of prices. Your demand makes other peligroso people’s offer. If you’re peligroso enough your offer will surely hit the market and be instantly matched.
If you don’t find a buyer, don’t blame it on the market – the market is blaming you! Constant and efficient matching of peligroso orders is proof that exchange connection is running fast & smooth. Revise your strategy; get a little more risky; take on a bigger, more peligroso bet …
You make the arbitrage. You induce the upward/downward movement. So get on board!
Peligroso Index trading is only suitable for (a) qualified investors; (b) peligroso risk takers; (c) those who know how to gamble on life, manage stop limit orders, cancel, and then go back for more. Make sure you’re one of the aforementioned class of potential investor. Make sure you scare yourself while trading within the envelope.

If you really want to flirt with peligroso, get out of range and drop the limit order you set on your life.

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