Break Up

Finishing some important things in draft form.

Growing a bit this week.

Learning there is a lot of room I can continue to grow, other than round.

Dark is coming faster.

A plane passes overhead.

A light changes as I hit the curb to cross.

“There was too much repetition” in my ears as I walk away toward home.

The wind hits my face.

I feel my hair blow and smell a familiar chemical that’s name is on the tip of my tongue.

I am typing and walking to my door.

I am taking time to notice what is going on around me.

“I’m a pilar of salt and I want you to understand me.”

I am breaking up with complacency


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One Response to Break Up

  1. Watch Maker says:

    Indeed; complacency is a dangerous companion, apt to lead one into the darkest and meanest of alleys.

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