Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Qua and the Volcanic Worm

There was fire and magma spewing out of the extending extension of a creature best translated as a Volcanic Worm. The air combusts and the water like molecules divide in the presence of the magma exposed to air are instantly turned to rock, and instantly again replaced with another push of magma extending the reach. One Sneiklot, Jardenoxifaq, waited as the inevitable end to this worm creature blistered the air to the falls of liquid in the path ahead. The liquid contains what the Volcanic Worm is attracted to, sulfur. But when the sulfur in liquid form coming from the falls is reached, the flame will be put out what the magma core is always reaching for, then the same ending the life of the worm. Jarden, for a short name in consideration of translation purposes and my English, waited patiently for what would be equivalent to 1 year on a Earth, a period not long for Jarden.

You see, the heat generated from inside this creature turns rock to magma and refuels the internal oven from the byproduct of the magma surfacing in the atmosphere spitting and spewing. There is enough force to push the magma in the direction the Volcanic Worm wants to travel. Not one of the most intelligent of the rock creatures, they usually burn the planet or moon atmosphere marching forward to their doom. Creating tube or worm like form, the magma cools and turns to rock again as it hits the air in the atmosphere. The natural elements that this creature is drawn to are similar to oxygen and carbon, but Sulfur is what this the Volcanic Worm desires for fuel and sustainability.

The steam came out in a greenish, yellow color that filled the sky like the chimneys delivering smoke, like what your kind would say is smoke from factories. As the first contact with magma and sulfur liquid, the equivalent of a high metabolism kicking burning up fuel triggered in the Volcanic Worm to produce larger quantities of magma to take in enough sulfuric acid. It over compensated by spewing more and more lava out until the fuel it was looking for to charge the core became the hand of death. This waterfall distinguished the worm and Jarden could now seek out properties needed to create lenses.

At this moment where the shooting magma turned to rock vertically and and outwardly, it finally exhausted the heating core from within the worm leaving only the rock behind to prove it once existed. These are similar to the rocks that live on Earth, but I understand how this may not be convincing that rocks are alive. Later I will discuss this in more detail, but for now we are speaking to why Jarden waited patiently. And at this moment what he had waited for presented itself.

Lenses proved to be the power of our beings, the Sneiklots. They gave us the ability to gaze into the cosmos. Following this Volcanic Worm through the moon Agev was Jarden’s task. Through lightening storms and dust storms comprised of sulfer filled clouds, rains of sulfuric acid and no visibility throughout the journey, Jarden tracked this beast. While traces of sulfer were impossible to be located, because no technology that our kind could create would survive this perilous environment, the trail of the worm gave Jarden the ability to track this creature to what was being hunted.

The lenses that we create are made from the bi products from the remains of sulfur metabolizing bacteria and specifically bacteria that live off of liquid sulfuric acid. This is called in translation Sulfer Rue. Like collections of water in a waterfall on Earth, this liquid acid collects on Agev carving rivers, estuaries and oceans. But in the rivers beds, we are able to mine concentrations of this organic life. We need to mine this material to add an ingredient to our recipe for the heating system needed to reach temperatures for creating powerful lenses. It does not explode, but fuels the temperature to precise boiling points for the lenses.

For over a cycle, or 3600 years on Earth, Jarden set forward to find new places to mine this bi product. Study of this moon had tests that showed large concentrations of Sulfer Rue. Jarden was equipped with an exterior of cells with a non permeable membranes, which created a protective sheath that housed the vital cells needed to exist in this hostile environment. The cell sub layer was a less harmful layer to our organism that filtered any toxins that entered, absorbing those toxins and turned them to fuel to maintain existence. Another sub layer of filtering cells followed that and so on until the functioning organism lay protected underneath this armor as it is called on Earth, was fortified. In short, Jarden was not susceptible in whole, but not with invincibility. Every move taken toward this destination of scientific technology was prone to the unknown, as it exists in life everywhere. Carefully, Jarden set forward on this expedition.

Like all of us Sneiklots, we are made up of a grouping of changing cells that understand the symbiosis of our existence. It is agreed to travel together and it is agreed for the existence we choose. Jarden spent years of work to prepare for this based off of choice for speciality, but fate as it is called, decides the end. Jarden takes form in the tent of gelatinous over hang in shades of red and pink sensing the cooled rock from the Volcanic Worm then steaming.

It rolled eastward bound for some time and while tracking the worm it traveled upwards to the reversed mountains of the moon Agev and down into the canyons carved once by the sulfuric acid. The journey did not encounter any misfortunes because the gases set off from the steam to the sense of smell told the story of the cooling of the rock. It made a path. One that was as thick as the largest canyon Strath and as narrow as a tree branch of an Oak on Earth. This worm trail could be lost at any time before the falls were reached because it could find peril elsewere along the way, but fate held steady, this path. It was the first worm that was found by Jarden after he came out of the magnetic field into a sky fall to Agev.

In story, it is common us Sneiklots arrive at the destination backwards so forgive me as I will try to tell this tale best to suit your imagination for record. My name is Jardenoxifaqua, or Qua for simplicity. I am part of Jarden, as I was once was inside this being, under the non permeable membrane striking the outer reaches of our kind’s existence. I had tangible relation to the events, but cannot take credit for the happenings and findings. We understand our part in a larger purpose.

As I stated earlier, the magnetic rings placed between dark matter and dark energy charted a path to discover Sulfer Rue on Agev. We cannot emerge near a planetary system onto our destination, we must follow the gravity of planets to come to a sky fall. Following the names of the planets and moons for us would be like stating the alphabet for a human, so I will be short. Out of the magnetic field we needed to drop to the moon of Nasgong for a soft propulsion to Tedalink, the largest planet of the Gaftuar system. From there the gravitational pull of the remnants of Nasgong, twin moon to Sultar let us land to calculate the long journey to Rinslow. This was a ring like Saturn holds, comprised of the destroyed moon with stable rock for our grounding. Jarden then dropped at the precise moment to catch the asteroid Glama which would take us to Sulta, the planet which has a satellite named Agev. I, Qua, was responsible for the countdown. I never knew the singular importance that came from years of timing this one moment. I was named after Jarden and now my part in the destiny of Jarden was reached.

I was equipped with studies of orbital movements and watching through a lens to galaxies and a universe away for this moment. However when the time we calculate counted down the moment we went into sky fall, all calculations disappeared and we were subject to commitment. We dropped off of the rock that flew through the system at the equivalent of zero gravity and to catch Jarden by the pull of Agev then Jarden was grasped by it’s gravity and sent into orbit. The feeling of excitement and the existence of fear, as humans call it it, was unlike any other experience when the silence came, we knew we were passing to safety into that orbit.

Into this silence we took to preparation for the final sky fall. The one where you fall through the clouds like being parachuted on Earth. Silence was the only known existence. Movement through this space took us to a new view of a planet and was left to the final drop propelled by a release of all unneeded mass in each cell and a drop caused by weight into the gravity of the moon. Immediately after the proper absorption of the studied atmosphere rehydrated each cell like a balloon, which is simply the only familiar term that can be used to explain the morph that takes place.

In the final approach, a spiraling entrance takes place where the point of landing is defined by the end of the almost downward spiral like descent. Through a gliding entry we circled the moon 203 times as we slowly unpeeled descent, through that spiral. This helped acclimation and navigation of the new sense of smell which was used to avoid the lightening and the dust storms. The spiral was not linear, but like watching blood through veins from a capillary to the heart in a human organism, while traveling through layers of an onion to explain more precisely.

And time, time was described previously for this instance as it took over 500 years on Earth just to reach this destination of landing. Many died on this journey. Many sad experiences occurred. Many reconfigurations took place letting off cells into the unknown, with the unknown notions of affects it may cause. While we can speculate, we will never know the true meaning vs. time. But we landed in the area where the Volcanic Worms emerged. Now to fill in the details.

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