It Was A Bore

All this forecasting and typing as fast as I could to make words replicate “the vida”, no thank you.

Life happens in so many ways. Instead of naturally growing to make the changes necessary for happiness, we find a structure that cannot be broken to detail the moments of our past called history.

I for one cannot be ruled and do not want to rule others. The lessons tell the story that eventually this ends. It falls, it fails because we do not, by human nature,  conform. We are like the wind blowing through the forest. In in the end we pass through taking a different direction each time.

On the other side there is remaining what nature left us. Water falls, molton iron lava spews, land shifts, moonrise pulls at it all and will we be here? I would like to think of finding a way.

So the peligroso in all of us can live, ride the wild peaks and dips in our life index. Tell a story about it, listen to another. Set it in history. Somewhere unforgettable to all life.

But it may just be this one ride is the one and only. It may be there is a bigger one we do not understand. Or faith may have been telling us a truth all along.

The trees to wind may become human’s nemesis time and all closes a curtain for another age, an age where all we do not accept as the living once again rules the Earth.

For now, things are still pretty, pretty peligroso


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