Fire And Rain

There is a song from a man who said he has seen both but has not seen the person on his mind throughout all this experience. And he would like to.

I watched the fires crackle with flames, emptying out into oxygen wherever possible. Fingers reached out to grab upward. A swinging door opened with a metallic high pitched creak and closed with a muffled ting. The repetition of feeding a large belly with wood entranced me with every entry crackling tan to bright sun red in seconds. We learned how to make this happen over centuries. And still, who would get this close, intentionally making flame this hot. There was an open paves road home with layers of time to pass through to think.

Today the rain hit the rooftops lightly making it easy to stay out of motion.  The dripping came down all the different collection methods we create for water, but it still managed to overflow the road before the sidewalk. Something was stuck, something was clogged and the rain traveled another course to unclog something else.

Of course this may not have been the real point to see these things so literally. The circumstance just presented itself that way…


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