Making The Sound

There once was a girl who thought she wanted to be a professional trumpet player. When she was in middle school, she picked up a horn, learned a quick piece and played for her parents. It was so surprisingly good they cheered and told her she was a natural. So she played more and practiced. There were songs she loved to learn and the new process was facinating. She could not wait to do anything but get home and pick up where she left off. Driven to excel in her passion, she practiced what she was told will make her better. It was not what she loved to play, but it was a  right of passage to learn these things. One day after she played over and over again a piece that she was told to memorize, it began to sound worse and worse. The artist was not behind the movement to make it alive. And alive and full of feeling was how she was known to play. Frustrated she put down the music sheets and played that first song she learned, of course this time with more diverse level. Joy came back because she fell in love again with the sound.


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