The day begins with a chill back. But it is just a nice way to inch into the warm. A move warm, a move a bit cooler. A move a little bit warmer than the last, then a bit colder.

We talk about the weather to keep the smile going. Sometimes the smiles are as fake as pyrite, but they still glitter. There are no issues with smiling when you do not feel that way. It does not make you a hypocrite. Or so I say. It can make you feel it if you do it long enough. It is a magic, a healer, a way of being. If you do it enough you mean in. It really is harder to make that sour face you see. It folds skin and holds it there. To me that seems like work.

Do not get me wrong, I do frown. I do not realize it when flashing it, but I think I am up there with the dirtiest of dirty look givers. We are human, right? But it is only a flash. And then gone. Woops, there it was again but star bucks brings it out in me.

So today I talk about the weather and smiling. For a Friday I am actually things are sweet.

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