‘Twas The Night Before New Years Day

And all was the same.

The days are shorter, but little by little expanding now as the earth spins towards the sun here. It is warmer than usual, another slow creep that stands out a bit year by year. Your index exhales after that final push to get everything done for year end.

But that deep first breath will be needed soon. It will be back to a zero like concept that requires another year of persisitance to get right back here.

They are all good ones, but this year was an especially good one setting up what will come. A tough one, but that seems to move together like a horse race. You ride next to those things that are tough. But as you continue along you try to outpace that difficulty with perservrance building something. And something was built. It is small and humble, but that is what a beginning is like.

But the year did not see great changes from this perspective. Country did not crumble, water did not rise to cover land, no holy return, no one landed from the space and the long crawl continued on.

Still all still feels familiar. Like the way your shoes fit after a few walks in them. 

12 grapes and off to the next movement.

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