The wind swirls through a chamber passing trains. 

Music in minors fills my ears and the sound somehow makes me happy.

Comfort in the strands that make you feel your heart.

Feeling my heart has guided me.

I spoke of this mentioned to me previously, but I have remembered your heart is not controlled by your brain.

The heart may be driven by triggers that the brain directs in reaction to life.

But the heart drives the life through your body.

Blood pumping from beats that increase with intensity and rests with calm.

I keep coming back to how the brain triggers these senses.

Yet I knew for certain some time ago that following my heart was not linked to my brain.

It is a rhythm that is met when there is balance in actions and direction.

Then the heart beats best, strong and even like the river.

And it tells the brain all is right.

Not a trigger from the brain beating the heart.

I knew this when I was younger.

I did not need to think to understand.

But knowledge tells me and someone told me my heart is a muscle that is directed by the brain’s stimulus.

So I toss the ideas back and forth sure I know.

When I was young I knew what I wanted.

Now I am living this existence but not sure I have the sails catching wind.

No sad like the music, just not as in touch with the feeling to let things pass through me.

I read the alchemist and my life made sense. 

Now my brain thinks.

I always thought to much, but not separating hair.

And the swirling wind carried me forward to to this direction I have been traveling without feeling what I am doing, passing though me like like the light of the moon over my closed eyes.

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