Thank You For Your Creative Passion That Inspires

The wind blew the cold air from somewhere last night. The bite lightly touched your nose and filled the lungs with a different air.

Starting right up again into the year, Monday brings the ring of the week where the short cycle begins. The haul from Monday through Friday is known so well at times. After 10 years of repetition there is a gear that turns on something like an auto pilot. You wake up, get the order around you, prepare mentally for what is to come and turn the butter.

Hands more cut than usual remind me I still work with them. They still make things. This part is the creative wild that makes me imagine, discover and think. In a way it is my freedom, a talent of repetition to mastery of craft.

This small piece of me wishes that I grew directly from this place. A place where there are endless possibilities. Let the creative expand and show something new. I am very thankful there are people like David Bowie that did that. From what he has done, he will timelessly be with us through a labrinth of space oddities trying to find life on Mars.

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