Sleeping Would Be Nice

Wow this warm weather is nice

Wow sounding board to speak without response

Wow, I just want to be normal and sleep

Never say never, wow. This makes more sense than ever

And the light trickles into the window, part from the moon and mostly from the lit spaces

As anger or aggression could state relevance, my intention is calm under waves

My love for this world and people surfaces, but my disdain for what I experience flow underneath

Contradiction comes to be as probable as my accusations from youth as naming hypocrites

But I wade into waters of a new and they are waters I want to float in

Strong are my opinions but with time I realize they do not matter

When I read Voltaire in my youth I understood, forgot, and realizing again with experience

Make me whole

Make me suffer?

Make me live

Wow, do I really wish I was sleeping?

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