Important Disclaimer

Peligroso Index® relies on free market principles and transparent transmission of prices. Your demand makes other peligroso people’s offer. If you’re peligroso enough your offer will surely hit the market and be instantly matched.
If you don’t find a buyer, don’t blame it on the market – the market is blaming you! Constant and efficient matching of peligroso orders is proof that exchange connection is running fast & smooth. Revise your strategy; get a little more risky; take on a bigger, more peligroso bet …
You make the arbitrage. You induce the upward/downward movement. So get on board!
Peligroso Index trading is only suitable for (a) qualified investors; (b) peligroso risk takers; (c) those who know how to gamble on life, manage stop limit orders, cancel, and then go back for more. Make sure you’re one of the aforementioned class of potential investor. Make sure you scare yourself while trading within the envelope.

If you really want to flirt with peligroso, get out of range and drop the limit order you set on your life.

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