April 2011 Media Release

!!! Important Media Release !!!

Preferred Shares of Barrio Pioneers LLC start trading PEX

April 2011

Preferred shares of Barrio Pioneers LLC have just been registered to start trading with ticker BFPA.

According to people close to the matter, it is part of a broader index called the Peligroso Index® whose aim is to replicate and make transparent the patterns of Mankind’s existence. Yes indeed, this fund is a tracker of good and not-so-good vibes, a 24/7 opportunity to enter into mind-blowing positions, a crazy roller-coaster of bid and ask orders that one can take on that sweet little thing human beings named Life.

Presented as a very advanced tradable instrument, the Peligroso Index® is supposed to reflect the minute-by-minute course of radical changes in its individual components experience. Consider these individuals ahead of their time, eager to engage in the most risky bets for pure life profit, pleasure, and sensation. Again according to private sources, it looks like these numerous bets have, based on the Over-the-Counter history of the index, been extremely rewarding. These individuals have indeed come to build a set of Peligroso Lifestyles, and for the sake of transparency their stories should be communicated to the boring remainder of the planet.


Danger is the most important underlying of the Peligroso Index®.

Danger guides the peligroso. Danger is the peligroso.

Things are so shitty out there that you need to scare yourself – scare the fuckin’ shit out of yourself, impress yourself, fear yourself, know yourself …

Let’s all get peligroso.

Let’s all get loco …

Peligroso – it’s a concept and an hecho …

Peligroso is Hedonism,
Peligroso is the way to go,
Maestro Peligroso is San Francisco,
pacifico, and nuestro mundo …
Peligroso is a mojito,
Peligroso celebrates the magic of life,
Peligroso is about women,
My naked women

Every peligroso uptrend kicks off lookin’ in the eyes of a beautiful woman. The momentum is built when volume comes in. It explodes – skyrockets! – when two individuals experience peligroso love, whether for a moment or an eternity.

Love is the second underlying of the Peligroso Index®. Admire, feel, and be mesmerized –the Peligroso Index® follows that state of constant fantasy, the dream you’re living when you walk around and thank the blue skies for the wonderful taste of infinite beauty …

When everything turns south, remember the cure is to head peligroso, and with whatever material you have at reach: attraction, fantasy, or artificial magic. You create the instant. You shape the moment. You direct a trend that only responds to your deliberate command of life. You’re your own broker-dealer. You input your own orders. You buy. You sell. Whatever the fuck you want to gamble on, it’s your life you’re putting at stake. It’s your path you lead and it’s your destiny you build.

Freedom is the third underlying of the Peligroso Index®. Whoever feels free in our curtained society is part of the peligroso …

(Danger + Love + Freedom) / Life = Peligroso Index®


Peligroso is not just a state of mind nor is it just a way to perceive Life. It is a constant quest for new boundaries.

Peligroso Index® reaches new highs and new lows as you enter quotes, execute, and are filled …

If you’re not filled on that one order, maybe it’s because you’re not peligroso enough.

If life goes short on you, well, maybe it’s because you did not choose a good hedge.

One sure thing is that peligroso will take you over the edge. It is a complex, structured product, but you rule its toxicity. Your life and your will to go beyond what’s-been-so-far-experienced is the only collateral. As long as you can keep on adding positions, you can take the lead on reinforcing the trend – up or down.

This is your call – just be sure you’re close to the floor and you don’t miss the auction.

It’s time to see what degree of peligroso you have. Support and resistance levels will come along with the order flow: up, down … tick … tick … tick …

Build the momentum or close out. Peligroso Index® is born. A life revolution is underway!

– The Peligroso Index® team

Important Disclaimer

Peligroso Index® relies on free market principles and transparent transmission of prices. Your demand makes other peligroso people’s offer. If you’re peligroso enough your offer will surely hit the market and be instantly matched.
If you don’t find a buyer, don’t blame it on the market – the market is blaming you! Constant and efficient matching of peligroso orders is proof that exchange connection is running fast & smooth. Revise your strategy; get a little more risky; take on a bigger, more peligroso bet …
You make the arbitrage. You induce the upward/downward movement. So get on board!
Peligroso Index trading is only suitable for (a) qualified investors; (b) peligroso risk takers; (c) those who know how to gamble on life, manage stop limit orders, cancel, and then go back for more. Make sure you’re one of the aforementioned class of potential investor. Make sure you scare yourself while trading within the envelope.

If you really want to flirt with peligroso, get out of range and drop the limit order you set on your life.

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